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November 10 2016
Stove Installation 5


We are HETAS approved to fit wet and dry appliances such as stoves and wood burners. We install a wide range of stoves at competitive prices.

We pride ourselves on providing the complete stove installation package from the initial survey and quotation through to the installation then commissioning and registering with HETAS. We can offer the full package from fixing only stove supplied by you to supplying and fitting the stove, inglenook chamber, flue system and accessories all as your requirements.

HETAS are the only government approved competent person scheme specialising in solid fuel, wood & biomass, they have seen an unprecedented interest in stoves and wood burners over the last few years. Stoves are becoming increasingly more popular due to the fact that not only do they make a great focal point to any room but they are also an effective, efficient heating solution. Having a wood burner or stove fitted in your home will potentially reduce your fuel bills as well as adding value to your home!

No chimney? No problem! We can install a twin wall flue system which allows rooms without chimneys to enjoy the benefits of a wood burning stove. A twin wall flue system is compromised of two stainless steel flue pipes with at least an inch of insulation between them. The reason for the insulation is to ensure the outer layer of the flue remains cool and also to maintain the temperature within the inner flue. The thick layer of insulation makes sure the gasses inside the flue remain at a high temperature so they don’t condense until they are outside the pipe.