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October 01 2016
Leeds New Builds

Leeds PFI

Category: New Build
Client: Keepmoat
Number of properties: 97
Completed: June 2016

To design and install plumbing and heating works to 97 no new build properties on behalf of Keepmoat. The homes were built to Sustainable Homes Code 4 standard.

Our design and use of materials aided the developer in achieving Sustainable Homes Code 4 standard. We accomplished this by installing state of the art Ideal Logic ES combi boilers in each property complete with weather compensator.

Stelrad Elite radiators were installed throughout with thermostatic radiator controls.
The heating system was split into 2 zones using delayed start programmable room stats to comply with Building Regulations and to save the tenant money.

Twyford Alcona WC suites with low water usage cisterns were fitted to all properties in addition to Deva Eco taps with flow restrictors.

The development is of a traditional build and was built to Lifetime Homes standard with provisions for future wet floor shower rooms.

Throughout the project we worked closely with developers to ensure the project was finished on time, and on budget.

These were the first new homes available to Leeds City Council tenants in over 20 years.

It was the first housing PFI scheme of its kind with the private finance element being secured through the capital funding market markets through a bond issue.

John Paskell Plumbing have been a dream to work with from start to finish. Their design was 1st class, ticked all our boxes and made sure code was met without us lifting a finger. All their installers where 1st class, no issues at all. Sub contractors like these are great for me, I don’t have to micro manage them and chase them all time, makes my job 10 times easier.
– Keepmoat Site Manager